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London Walking Tours

Hidden London Walking Tour
Hidden London Walking Tour

Explore the area around Fleet Street and Temple.


Secret London Walking Tour
Secret london walking tour

Unearth the lost history of London

Changing The Guard Walking Tour
Changing the Guard Walking Tour

The most exciting way to see the ceremony!

churchill in london during WW2

Available as a public and a private tour.

St Bart's Churchyard
Secret Old London Walking Tour

Discover the macabre side from Smithfield to the Guildhall

private tours

Enjoy a tour tailored to your needs

Secrets Of The Square Mile Walking Tour
Alleyways and Courtyards of London walking Tour

Discover the unexpected in the ancient and modern Square Mile


London's Conspiracy Tour

Find out what they didn’t want you to know. 

Currently available as a private tour.

Liar Liar Tour-
Liar Liar Quiz Walking Tour

A fun way to learn about the city.

Currently available as private tour

winston churchill freemason
Bizarre London Tour

Discover the weird and wonderful history of Old London Town. 

Available as private tour. 

Controversial Statues and Monuments of London Tour

Join the Great Statue Debate! 

Currently available as a private tour.

London’s Grime & Punishment Tour
London's Grime & Punishment Tour

Discover the dark side of London… Not suitable for under 18s! Private tour only.

Last Christmas Movie Location Walk

Retrace the magic of London’s Christmassy Hit. Private tour only.

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Gift Cards

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