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Starts by the statue of Queen Anne at the front of St Paul's Cathedral. Tour requires 4+ people to operate
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Finishes near London Bridge Station. Bookings of 2 persons or more required.

Engage your competitive spirit and come on our latest Liar Liar tour, as we discover the more crazy stories behind Bankside's history.

If you've been on our popular Liar Liar Square Mile tour, you'll know what to expect. At the start of the tour you'll divide into small groups, think of a team name, then during the walk your guide will provide you with three so-called facts at each location. Two are true and one is a lie - all you have to do is guess which one your guide made up! You'll then hear more about each of the stories, and learn some of the more unusual facts about this fascinating area.

This is a brilliantly innovative and fun way of seeing London and ensures you'll really engage in Bankside's history; and although it is of course popular with couples, friends and family, it also helps to keep the kids entertained too.

So join this tour, finding out about iconic locations like the Globe Theatre, Shard, St Paul's Cathedral, River Thames and one or two hidden locations too and have a laugh along the way!

Liar Liar Bankside
Liar Liar!
Bankside Skeleton
Millennium Bridge
Shakespeare's Globe
Golden Hinde 2
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