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Five Shocking Execution Sites in Central London

We all know London has a bloody past. Some of its execution sites are well documented, from Smithfield where William Wallace met his gruesome end, and Newgate Prison, where executions were witnessed by the public right up to 1868.  So in this list I include some less ‘celebrated’ sites, along with the most bloody location […]

Five Fun Facts about the Changing Guard Ceremony!

Find out some fascinating bits of trivia to add to your knowledge of this most famous of ceremonies…

Watching the Changing the Guard ceremony at the Buckingham Palace Gates

5 years ago I watched the changing guard ceremony at the gates of Buckingham Palace. I vowed never to return…

More Famous London Attractions and their Cheaper Alternative!

Post Date: 16th February 2015Author: Matt Gedge Now that I’ve managed to find my way to the front of the queue in all the major attractions much easier thanks to the success of my first ‘Famous London Attractions and their Cheaper Alternative‘ post, I’ve decided to do another! Westminster abbey vs St Brides Church Extraordinary […]

Famous London Attractions and their Cheaper Alternative!

Post Date:20th January 2015Author:Matt Gedge Ever thought you would like to avoid the queues and dig a little deeper into what is on offer in London? Is it your second visit here and you have already seen all the main attractions on the check list? Or do you simply want to find places which are […]

10 Facts about Piccadilly Circus you may not know

Post Date: 7th January 2015 Author: Matt Gedge What on earth is the point of Piccadilly Circus? And why is it famous around the world? I was once approached by a film crew while waiting for my tour group to arrive and was asked these very questions. I was sorely tempted to tell them that […]

The Best Sculptures in London

Post Date: 23rd December 2014 Author: Jess Brownrigg – Guest Blogger I have always felt that London is blessed with incredible public art. At the moment, however, it seems especially replete with great works. Often drowned out by the digital displays of Piccadilly Circus and advertising billboards infesting every wall, there are extraordinary sculptures at […]

The 10 Most Unusual Street Names in the City of London

Post Date: 15th December 2014 Author: Matt Gedge One of the most common bits of trivia you may have heard a City of London guide mention is that although there are streets, alleys and lanes, you will never find a road in the Square Mile. No water-tight theory explains this, although it may be because […]

Double Decker Bus Jumps Tower Bridge

Post Date: 27th December 2013 Author: Matt Gedge On 30th December 1952, an incident described as ‘1 in 150,000’ by the Daily Mail occurred when Tower Bridge began to open with a no.78 double decker bus on it. The bus in question was being driven from Shoreditch to Dulwich, and according to the driver Albert […]

Aldwych – Inside the Disused Tube Station

Post Date: 1st December 2013 Author: Matt Gedge On 30th November 1907 the Strand Underground station opened. 87 years later it closed. Today we know it as Aldwych, and last week our London Tour Guide Matt was fortunate enough to join a few keen explorers of London’s past to descend the now disused stairs to […]