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Changing The Guard – The Wrong Way To Do It

Post Date: Saturday 16th November 2013 Author: Matt Gedge Our most popular walking tour of London is undoubtedly the Changing the Guard Tour. Fun London Tours groups get to witness a ceremony with universal appeal, and see an iconic display of ‘Britishness’ which draws crowds from across the globe. The two hours wizz by, and […]

The Rude Parrot of Fleet Street

Post Date: 31st October 2013 Author: Matt Gedge October 30th 1926 was a sad day for Fleet Street, London. One of its most famous characters had just passed away, succumbing to pneumonia after years of entertaining the crowds in the ancient watering hole Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. The death was marked by obituaries in around […]

The Victorian Pet Cemetery of Hyde Park

Post Date: Monday the 28th of October 2013Author: Matt Gedge Tucked away in the north west corner of Hyde Park lies a little known treasure of late Victorian London, the Pet Cemetery. Walking along Bayswater Road you would have to be extremely observant to notice the gravestones through the fencing, being as they are carefully […]

Inside the Emirates Stadium

Post Date: 20th October 2013Author: Matt Gedge Although I have been an Arsenal fan all my life and watched some great games from the stands over the years (and a load more from the comfort of my armchair), I had never visited the stadium on a non-match day. Until now. I was fortunate to have […]

The London Beer Flood of 1814

Post Date: 15th October 2013Author: Matt Gedge On 17th October 199 years ago London witnessed one of the most bizarre and tragic accidents in its history. In the neighbourhood of St Giles – where the Dominion Theatre now stands – loomed the vast Henry Meux and Co Brewery. Inside were a number of huge vats, […]

100 years of Arsenal in Islington

Post Date: 10th October 2013Author: Matt Gedge Being a walking tour guide of London has its benefits. I am acutely aware how lucky I am to go on walks in the name of research, or study something which is so interesting I spend an unhealthy amount of time with my head in books or on […]

Pearly Kings and Queens Harvest Festival 2013

Post Date: 3rd October 2013Author: Matt Gedge Our City of London Tour Guide Matt paid a visit to the Guildhall Yard in the Square Mile last Sunday to witness a celebration of working class Londoners – the Pearly Kings and Queens Harvest Festival. Donkeys and carts, shiny costumes, maypole dancing, morris dancing and the Pandemonium […]

Enter God’s Own Junkyard Part 1

Post Date: Friday 20th September 2013Author: Matt Gedge Those of you who haven’t watched the news or read the papers recently may not be aware that we are on the verge of losing a wonderful shrine to creativity in Walthamstow, East London. Just beside Wood Street station on the overground line you’ll find a mecca […]

London Pubs. #1 The Cockpit

Post Date: Wednesday 14th August 2013Author: Matt Gedge 7 St. Andrews Hill, London. EC4V 5BY The Cockpit is a hidden gem nestled in a backstreet near St Paul’s Cathedral. It has a decent range of beers and ales on tap, and the bar staff are friendly which helps create a warm, homely atmosphere. You’ll see […]

Changing the Guard 1962

Post Date: Friday 17th May 2013Author: Matt Gedge Sarah McCabe, a Canadian friend of mine (and London historian) who came on the tour kindly dug these wonderful pictures out from her father’s visit to Buckingham Palace in 1962. What really struck me was the formal clothes worn by the tourists – no jeans or tracksuits […]