Changing The Guard London Guided Walking Tour
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Meet outside the Criterion Theatre by the statue of Eros at Piccadilly Circus tube station. Please arrive 10 mins early.
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Weekdays starts at 9.40am. Sundays starts at 9.15am. We finish tour near Buckingham Palace at around 11.15am


This is the London walking tour which will ensure you are in the best position possible to see the extraordinary Changing the Guard ceremony while avoiding the crowds at the gates of Buckingham Palace. Rather than standing still for hours, we see various stages of the ceremony, including the inspection, Old Guard, New Guard, Palaces, and even march alongside the Guards and Ceremonial Bands!

Our tour guides have the experience, knowledge and humour to make sure you leave with an enviable set of pictures, an insight into what is going on, an anecdote or two, and most importantly, a memory which will last forever.

We are endorsed by and so have the backing of the most knowledgeable people out there.

Sadly, a great number of people go to see this world famous ceremony and leave disappointed. They stand at the gates of Buckingham Palace and wait uncomfortably for the action to happen, but are unaware that they have missed the majority of the pomp, ceremony, music and marching that takes place elsewhere. And that is why a Fun London Guide is invaluable in getting you around.

From 2018 on Sundays we start the tour at 9.15am rather than 9.40am so that we see some of the Change of the Lifeguard (horse guards) ceremony as well - its an amazing bonus! 

If you like a fast paced tour, with plenty of action, excitement and fun, come on this walk. In order to stay ahead of the crowds we do have to move quickly at times - at one point we will even be marching alongside the band! We will also encounter at least one flight of steps so unfortunately it is not suitable for people with walking difficulties. Please have a look at our Essential London or Royal tours which run through the spring and summer if you think this may apply to you.

Please note we will not stand near the gates of Buckingham Palace on this tour. It is unfortunately impractical to take a group there and wait for two or more hours packed in like sardines in a can, but we can guarantee the tour will be a far more enjoyable and informative experience! For our own experience of 'how not to see the changing the guard' - standing at the gates of Buckingham Palace - you may wish to read this short article:




Band of the Irish Guard
Walking Tour Group at Clarence House
Music at the Changing the Guard Ceremony
St James Palace
changing the guard
st james guards
the queen
Buckingham Palace
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  • Witness a ceremony whose history and splendour is beyond compare
  • Have an acclaimed tour guide to lead you around
  • Stand within 6 feet of the Guards
  • March alongside the Band!
  • Have a group size anything from 1-25 but no more. Preferable to the excessively large groups of other tour companies!
  • In 2018 due to an earlier start of 9.15am, Sunday's tour allows us to watch the other ceremony in the area, Change of the Lifeguard, which is a 350+ year old ceremony involing horseguards!


Note: Please bring comfortable shoes and a bottle of water with you. The tour can be quite fast paced at times, so if you prefer a more leisurely walk, then we suggest the Royal Tour. It is also very crowded near Buckingham Palace, particularly in summer months.

This tour is super popular, and as we limit the number of people per group to 25, it can often sell out days or weeks in advance, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Disclaimer: The British Army can alter the date of the Guard Change Ceremony, and can change or cancel it at their discretion. No matter how bad the weather, the walk will still go ahead as per usual, as the final notification of ceremony cancellation will not be made by the British Army and police until after 10.30am. Although unlikely, it has been known to proceed in the rain before! If the ceremony is cancelled, your guide will make alternative arrangements to see the horseguards.

Please see our T&Cs and FAQs for further information.





“You know you're with the right tour guide when other tour guides are asking him what is going on.”
Fab changing of guard tour - charming host

My parents are visiting from the US and wanted to see 'the changing of the guard.' I have done the 'stand at the gate' thing and it's for the birds. Matt had so much information, and knew exactly the right times to stop/ start/ etc. They have been raving all day. Book with Fun London - I definitely will again!

The best tour in London

We decided to experience the change of the guards in a different way and boy did we ever. It was the most fast paced and fun experience of our trip. Matt took us to the best spots to actually see everything. We even marched with the guards. He was very knowledgable and so much fun. Highly recommend to experience this tour.

“Fantastic Tour!!”
I have been on a fair number of tours and thought this was the best I've ever experienced.
Changing of the Guard Tour

We took a tour with this company. It was raining quite heavily at the start of the tour. Matt wasn't there but an absolutely wonderful lady by the name of Augusta was rounded us up. She was amazing! Her voice carried really well which is really important. Not to mention that she was a properly wonderful person. Luckily the rain cut out and the full change happened. It's was amazing and they have a great strategy for seeing as much of the change as possible!

Matt use Augusta when ever you can! Amazing lady!!

The Best Changing of the Guard Tour

The changing of the guard tour with Matt was fantastic. Most people are missing out on the best part of this event by standing at Buckingham Palace and they miss all of the pageantry. We had front row at St. James's to watch the band for a song, and then walked/jogged along side of them as they make their way to Buckingham Palace. You right in the middle of it all!!! Matt is so friendly, funny and knowledgeable. It wasn't a cookie cutter tour at all. It was memorable, entertaining and FUN! If we had more than two days in Londontown, we definitely would have booked another tour with him. He is nothing short of fantastic!!! Best tour by a mile!

"Changing of Guards Walking Best Tour Ever!"
This tour was with Jess and was absolutely brilliant. It was so personal, entertaining and informative, and just thoroughly enjoyable! Jess knew just where to be at the right times to see the right things. I would definitely recommend it to friends and will look forward to going on another tour next time I'm in London. Thanks Jess! And thanks Matt for still making it possible even though there were just the 2 of us! :-) We felt like royalty and learned a lot about them too!
“Wow Wow Wow”

Aptly named company! It was incredibly fun and informative! Put on your running shoes, you will be moving quickly. We were there in March on a beautiful spring day and it was crowded. Matt keeps you two steps in front of the crowds. He explains what is happening, allows you to snap a few photos and then explains where we are going next and why (and to walk quickly!). Before you know it, you are in the front row again seeing everything perfectly. "Forward, march!" and you are quickly maneuvered through the crowds and are in the front row again to see the next event. I can't even imagine anyone who has gone to London and stood for two hours to see a few guards walk in and exchange places with the existing guards. We saw a few regiments from where they started out to where they finished (the Palace, St. James, etc.). No standing in place for us. Also, from Picadilly Circus where we met was a nice stroll down the street with lots of little known facts and stories. Matt also filled us in on the Queen's schedule the day we were there and we were able to go and see her at Westminister Abbey--huge thanks for that info, Matt! Made for a once in a lifetime experience. Cannot recommend highly enough. Next time we are in London we will fit in as many FUN tours as we can.

Changing of the Guard Tour

This was so much fun, perhaps the favorite thing we did on our trip. Matt was funny, personable, and a really fantastic tour guide. Running alongside the marching band to Buckingham Palace was a memory that is priceless. We were among a lot of other walking tours and I could hear some guides, but Matt clearly stood out. Recommend this to anyone who visits London!

Great view for changing of the guard
5 of 5 stars

Matt, thanks for providing my family with an excellent experience watching the changing of the guard. With different events taking place at multiple locations, there would have been no way we would have know what was going on. Very informed. Very personable. I want to visit London again so I can book more of Matt's tours. You really delivered.


Changing of the Guard Tour - Brillant!!
5 of 5 stars
We did the Changing of the Guard tour only 10 days ago. My husband and son (aged11) were not happy to be going but were blown away by it. They rated this tour as the best and most memorable thing that we did on our London / Paris holiday, that's saying something considering the didn't want to go!

Matt was great and filled in the spare minutes with lots of fun and information that entertained everyone, regardless of their age. He knew all of the vantage points to be at at certain times during the parade, we got "front row seats" to it all!! We got to walk and march with the guards which is great. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this tour with Matt of Fun London Tours to everyone, GREAT!!!

“Great Experience!”
5 of 5 stars

Coming to London? Don't miss the opportunity to go on a tour with Matt. We enjoyed everything about this tour. It was informative, amusing, and an all around great experience. The next time we visit London we will absolutely be scheduling another adventure with Fun London Tours.

“Great Tour even with bad weather”

I spent just 2 nights with my sister and her boyfriend in London and we had arranged a tour with Matt a few days before Christmas. Weather was pretty terrible, but we had a great time. Loved the history lessons and the Changing of the Guard at Horse Guards Parade. Friendly, informative, helpful, and energetic. We had fun! Thanks Matt!

5 of 5 stars

We absolutely loved our changing of the guard tour. Matt is so lovely, and kept us entertained and informed the whole time. No standing around and waiting for us! The tour is the right length of time, and an excellent price. Highly recommended!


Super guy, and very knowledgeable and informative. Matt had all sorts of fun facts about the area, and kept us busy while we were waiting to see if the guards were going to come out (it was raining on and off). Luckily, they did come out, and we got a wonderful view.

Our kids, eight year old twins, remembered a lot of things that we had learned and had a good time pretending to be guards. Especially with their new "bear fur" hats on. It was great, don't go without Matt, really!

Best Way to see, learn and enjoy the Changing of the Guards

After reading reviews about Fun London Tours I decided to book the Changing of the Guards with Matt. This tour was a GREAT EXPERIENCE ! Matt was very knowledgeable and entertaining on the tour. We were up close and personal for each phase of the processional, there is no way we could have had this opportunity or learn so much on our own, Matt also gave us a historical tour that we found very interesting as we walked to St.James Palace to see the Procession take off towards Buckingham Palace which we followed, without dealing with the mob of people that awaits the precession to go by them.
Thank you Matt for being so knowledgable and passionate about your work, we truly enjoyed it and will recommend to others.

Changing the Guard - a great guided walk
5 of 5 stars

Matt is an engaging character, a brilliant storyteller and a master of organisation. We were in exactly the right places at exactly the right times to enjoy every aspect of Changing the Guard. We even marched alongside the band!

It proved to me that if you simply wait for something to happen outside the Palace you will miss almost all of the amazing spectacle. It is much better to join a fast moving walking tour like the one offered by Matt.

“Such a fun Changing of the Guard Tour!”

We had a great time on our tour with Matt - he was a super informative guide and was very entertaining as well! We did the Changing the Guard Tour and really enjoyed it. On a previous trip to London I had simply camped out at Buckingham Palace and that really is an underwhelming way to see it. Matt led us along multiple locations and explained what was happening each step of the way - the group was much smaller than the big tour groups, so it was easy for us to move along to the next stop before the masses and kind of exciting too! ;) I recommended this tour to my sister-in-law who visited a few weeks ago and she went on it as well with friends and several children under 10 and loved it too! If we had more time I would have loved to book another tour with Matt - next trip!


“Changing of the Guards Amazing tour”

What a morning! It was my mums 60th birthday treat and we had a scream! The tour started very randomly - someone giving Matt a beer, a member of the group fainting - which Matt made sure she was ok before continuing of course. When we first met and walked down we were unsure if it was going ahead as it was a little drizzly right up to the last minute. When it did I think Matt was the most excited! He made the tour, fun, high energy, entertaining and he still managed to get us into the best spots for our photos. One thing I will say is be fast on your feet! Although having said that my mum kept up and she needs a knee replacement! Fantastic tour and delightful person, will definitely do another tour next time I am in London. Thanks Matt you made the day mum loved your tour more than Mama Mia!


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