Curiosities of Soho
Box 1: 
Starts outside the Criterion Theatre, near the Statue of Eros at Piccadilly Circus.
Box 2: 
Finishes on Carnaby Street, Soho. Tour returns Spring 2018. Adults only.

Welcome to Soho, an area synonymous with music, art, sex, fashion, fun and liberty for centuries. 

As we wander past cafes, bars, sex shops and fashion outlets, you'll be bamboozled by the vibrancy of the scene. For fans of rock n roll, you'll discover the studios where Bowie, Queen and The Beatles recorded, peer across Soho Square to Paul McCartney's office, and for fans of art you'll love the wonderful array of art adorning the buildings all around you. From brightly coloured pigeons, to murals and space invaders, there is so much to see, but for the icing on the cake, we will show you four of the mysterious Seven Noses of Soho!

Soho's history is so much more than music and art though, with its long history of invention and rule breaking. So along the way you'll see where bodies used to be dissected, the house of a notorious artist, lodgings of Soho's whackiest scientist and the grave of a forgotten king.

Not to be missed!

Please note that being in Soho, not surprisingly there will be stories of sex, drugs and rock n roll! So adults only please...

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soho nose
soho pub
sebastian horsley's house
ronnie scott's jazz bar
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On this tour you will:

  • Soak up the atmosphere of London's most vibrant area
  • See the famous Trident Studios
  • Pass through Soho Square
  • Check out some crazy street art
  • Find the mysterious street sign buried out of sight
  • Discover four of the seven Noses of Soho