2017 Anniversaries

28th, 1807 First public street lighting with gas demonstrated in Pall Mall, London by Frederick Albert Winsor
4th, 1547 Henry VIII's death
6th, 1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee
22nd 1887 Birth of Robert Baden Powell founder of Scouts 1857
27th 1907 Current Central Criminal Court opened (aka the Old Bailey)
25th 1807 Abolition of Slave Trade in British Empire
9th 2002 Queen Mother died
1st Act of Union – Great Britain formed
1st, 1967 50 years since the Seargent Pepper album and the summer of love. Beatles finished recording early on 21st April (Queens bday of course) and blasted the unmixed album to the unsuspecting citizens of Chelsea with speakers sitting on Mamma Cass' windowsill. Officially released on June 1st‬
20th, 1837Accession of Queen Victoria‬
26th, 1997 Harry Potter and the Philopher's Stone published
18th, 1817 death of Jane Austen (aged 41) and she'll be on new £10 note
31st 1997 Anniversary of Diana dying
15th, 1987 Great Storm
28th 1977 Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollox... released
20th, 1947 Queen and Prince Phillip married
3rd, 1857 Birth of Joseph Conrad, novelist
1982 Duchess of Cambridge b
1982 Old Billingsgate market closed 
1912 Amundsen and Scott to S Pole
1972 PM Heath signs Treaty of Rome
1957 Common Market
1807 Pall Mall lit by gad
1982 Tolkien b
1957 PM Eden resigns
1852 1st ladies and gents toilets (Fleet St)
1952 QE2 ascends
1897 WI founded
1962 John Glenn 1st US person in space 
1797 1st £1 note
1907 Central Criminal Ct opens
1812 A Pugin b
1727 I Newton d
1877 Dead heat in UBR
1807 Abolition of slave trade in English colonies
2002 Q Mother d
1982 Barbican Arts Centre opens
1752 Gregorian calendar used here
1942 1st flying bomb
1852 D of Wellington d
1917 Russian Revolutions x2
1917 US enters WW1
1942 Malta George Cross
1742 Handel's Messiah
1937 S Freud d
1917 Matt Hari d
1517 Luther's 95 Theses
1922 Tut's tomb found
1947 Elizabeth & Philip marry
1937 National Maritime Museum 
1607 Jamestown colony
1812 PM S Perceval assassinated
1927 C Lindbergh 1st solo flight across Atlantic 
1897 Blackwall Tunnel
1862 Westminster Bridge
1967 F Chichester circumnavigates globe
1972 D of Windsor d
1917 OBE instituted
1857 South Ken Museum (V&A)
1902 Greenwich Foot Tunnel
1972 Vietnam War ends
1947 Indian independence 
1977 Elvis d
1912 Titanic