Rozie studied tourism, which inspired her to leave her home in Somerset and travel the world – she is now up to 81 countries across all 7 continents and has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Before becoming a tour guide she would do almost any job that would take her somewhere new – she has worked as a tractor driver, a piranha keeper and even ran away with a circus!

Rozie fell into tour guiding when she realised someone was willing to pay her to travel and spent a year leading tours across Europe before settling in London where she has now been guiding for over a decade by foot, bus and boat.

She spends her days off at London’s amazing museums and attractions, attending a show at one of our many theatres or daydreaming about where in the world she want to visit next. Wherever Rozie goes, she feels that London is her home and she loves sharing it with our visitors.
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