Incredible Ceremony missed by most…

Post Date: Friday 22nd March 2013
Author: Matt Gedge

Sometimes finding out what exactly is going on with the Queen’s Guard is pretty difficult. Last summer during the Olympics I had to walk the entire route of the Changing the Guard Tour in reverse every day before starting just to see if any roads had been blocked off, and even now I’ll regularly speak to the police on duty at the Royal Palaces to see if they have an inside tip to the movements of the Foot Guards, Horse Guards and Royal Family.

During my Changing the Guard Tour on Tuesday we were fortunate enough to see both regiments of the Household Cavalry coming down the Mall together. Now, this isn’t a regular occurrence!

It took me a while of rooting around to discover what was happening, but finally I discovered it was a rehearsal for the Major General’s Inspection of the Household Cavalry which was taking place on Horse Guards Parade rather than the waterlogged Hyde Park.

And digging further, I discovered that the full Inspection was to take place three days later at 9.45am.

Of course this morning I went down to see the pomp and circumstance, got chatting to a couple whose son was involved in the action, and took some incredible pictures. I would say that aside from a few military enthusiasts and the odd bemused tourist, the majority of the tiny crowd of around 60 or 70 were comprised of family members of the Guards.

It was an event which was a privilege to behold. Members of the Mounted Guard standing in formation awaiting inspection by the Major General, and then parading around the stunning Horse Guards Parade. I could not help but be awe struck by the history, power, honour and pageantry at play just yards away.

Afterwards I walked alongside the horses to the other end of the Mall at Buckingham Palace to see the usual throng of thousands of people waiting for a Guard Change that wasn’t going to happen. (For nine months of the year it takes place once every two days).

If only they knew what was happening a ten minute walk away!

Unfortunately events like these aren’t particularly well publicised, but of course, if you stay in touch I will endeavour to let you know of any upcoming occasions of interest….

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