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New walk starting Spring 2018! Tour starts on the roundabout just below Trafalgar Square, by the equestrian statue
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Operates on selected weekdays at 1.30pm. Finishes in The Green Park at 3pm

Come on this amazing tour to unearth parts of London's history shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Your guide will tell you the real story behind Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column, then head around the corner to locate alleyways and objects largely forgotten in time around the back of Victorian gentlemen's clubs and exclusive shops.

Along the way you'll go looking for the grave of the unfairly nicknamed 'Nazi dog of London', hear about extraordiary fashionistas and the ultimate aristocratic diva, learn about some of the more curious theatrical superstitions and their derivation, go looking for the Titanic booking office, and taking it right to the top, relive the story of how accusations of murder rocked the royal court.

Join us for a journey you'll never forget!

Berry Bros
Crown Passage
Giro's Gravestone
Temple of Concord
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  • Discover the smallest square in London
  • Find the 'nazi dog' grave
  • Check out the oldest hat shop in the world
  • See where the Duke of Wellington used to dismount his horse
  • Uncover lost plans of Trafalgar Square
  • Locate the hidden imperial measurements embedded under our feet, and so much more!