Outrageous London
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Starts under statue of King George IV in the north east of Trafalgar Square
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Ends near Green Park underground station

Uncover the extraordinary excess of London's aristocracy on this journey through an area synonymous with wealth, vice, greed and dashings of chivalry. From the king who banned his own wife from his coronation to the prince with bloody hands via the shop whose hats caused a riot, no stone will be unturned while looking for the sensational and outlandish.

As we pass by the gentlemen's clubs and shops of Pall Mall and St James, through beautiful squares surrounded by glorious architecture, we duck down alleyways and sidestreets to discover the more surprising details and stories behind the men who frequented the area. Standing beside old horse blocks and gas lamps, you'll hear about the famous prime minister who used to hang out with a waxwork of Napoleon, the Duke who duelled with pistols, and the flamboyant actor who was fortunate to break a leg! 

We take in the Titanic ticket office, 'nazi' grave, smallest square in London and some of the most exclusive shops in London in a walk bursting full of character, style and scandal.

king george iii
Giro Grave
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On this walk you will:

  • Discover the story behind the unfairly named 'Nazi Dog of London'.
  • Find out where the Duke of Wellington used to dismount his horse
  • Glance through the windows of the famous gentlemen's clubs of Pall Mall & St James
  • Check out the oldest hat shop in the world
  • Locate the Texas Embassy!

...and so much more...