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New walk starting Spring 2018! Tour starts outside Cannon Street station, Dowgate Hill entrance
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Starts at 1.30pm on selected weekday afternoons. Finishes around 3pm five minutes from Monument Station

This walk takes you on an alternative journey through London's past to discover the history which they don't teach you in school. Brace yourself for a visit to two sites associated with the occult, and discover what kind of 17th century establishment drove women onto the streets in mass protest. You'll journey back in time seeing fragments of medieval and roman London tucked away out of sight, and finish the tour at the most haunting memorial to the power of the Blitz.

On this tour your guide will point out amazing details on walls, above buildings, and beside ancient churches which will unlock the explorer in you as we wander through alleyways lost to time. 

All will be revealed on this amazing tour...

leaky cauldron
leadenhall market
cornhill alleyways
the monument
royal exchange
St Dunstan in the East
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  • Walk along Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire of London started
  • Discover what surprises lie beneath the sumptuous Leadenhall Market (main photo)
  • Search for the tiny victorian street art with a macabre twist
  • Find out where the medieval London Bridge is concealed
  • Meander through the atmospheric alleyways of Cornhill
  • Stand by the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron, and so many more secret delights!