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“Best tours in London!”
We booked three tours with Matt over two days after reading all the positive reviews on TripAdvisor. Believe everything you read - Matt is the BEST!
We did the Changing of the Guard Tour which is just as wonderful as everyone says. Matt kept us moving and ahead of everyone so my kids got a front row view of the entire event. Considering how crowded it was, this alone was a feat. But Matt's personality and storytelling was what really made it special. He is definitely in the right profession!
Our next tour was the Liar Liar tour. I booked this one because I thought it would keep the kids (17 and 12) entertained while we learned about the city. Mission accomplished! This was a great way to see London and I would say that the adults had as much fun as the kids.
We traveled to four countries on our vacation and did tours in every city, but everyone in our family agrees that Matt was the best guide of them all. He has small groups and really makes a point to get to know everyone in the group. You will not be disappointed with any of his tours. We will definitely be seeing him again on our next trip!!
We went on the Changing of the Guard tour in March 2016 and had a fantastic time. Phill was very entertaining, friendly and knowledgeable . We like the British sense of humor of Phill with witty stories that were suitable for all levels. We will definitely look to try another of Fun tours when next in London. Thanks, Silvia
5 of 5 starsMy girlfriend booked this tour when we had visitors coming to stay in London for the weekend. I tried to side step it but no chance. I am really glad I did not miss it. I found Matt very laid back, polite, well mannered, enthusiastic and hugely knowledgeable about everything on the tour and more.
This tour combined with Matt's passion and knowledge is a must if you are living in London or visiting. It really is a really enjoyable way to spend a few hours.
Highly, Highly, Highly, Highly Highly, Recommended. Ben from Peckham London.
“Fantastic tour”
We all came away from our 'Forgotten London' tour buzzing with newly learnt facts and stories. Matt was a great guide and we will definitely be checking out more of his tours.
“All i could want from a tour guide.”
5 of 5 starsI was guiding a blind companion and we went on the Changing of the Guard tour. Matt went out of his way to include my friend and provide extra description and opportunities to touch things wherever possible.
So much so that on finishing this tour, my friend wanted to sign straight up for his afternoon Secret London tour too.
Having a good tour guide means i can concentrate on the crowds, which makes it much easier for me so i'm very grateful for his efforts.
“Hidden London Tour , fascinating insight into London's history”
Bought as a Christmas Pressy for friends . Quite small tour groups so you get to hear everything . Matt , the owner has a great knowledge of history ,facts and events and delivers with a great sense of enthusiasm. The tour is not that long in distance so good for those who don't want too much exercise, but packed with events and trivia from the beginning. Jump from a hideous hanging or black death grave pit to a 17th century wife swapping venue !
Would definitely do another themed tour with Matt. Can say too much or I will give away the tour. Well done Matt loved it !
“Excellent tour even in the rain!”
Our London walking tour of the wet changing of the guard went on despite a downpour. We were so glad we decided to carry on and walk the two hour trek with fun guides Matt & Augusta!! They made the walk informative and humorous as we got a bit soggy. There were barely any tourists or cars in sight and the guard change did happen (without the band) and we got an up close and personal look at the guards and horsemen. It was a most memorable day and worth the small price paid. Take your umbrellas and show up, you will be glad you did. Thank you Augusta & Matt!!
“I'd rate it 6 if I could”
Content of the tour was great, and Matt is obviously an experienced guide that can adapt that content to the audience, making it as interesting to kids as to grown ups, he even got the attention of my teenager! 
While on the tour, we got to walk around and hear funny history facts about the places we were seeing, and Matt took us through the whole change of guard ceremony, which is a lifetime better than trying to see anything from Buckingham's gate, squeezed like a tuna in a can. We marched along the guard through the mall and as Matt has great viewing spots, we actually got to appreciate the whole ceremony. 
I couldn't help but notice other guides asking Matt stuff, and hey, to me, that's a good sign that Matt's the man when it comes to this tour. 
The price is very appropriate and affordable too. and if you ask, he is as knowledgeable in many other aspects of the city (pubs, eateries, etc). I wish I had had more time in London to go on other of the tours that Matt offers. Highly recommended.
"It's all about the inside knowledge!"
My bored teen wanted to see the changing of the guard, but it's not very cool apparently - until we Met Matt from Fun London Tours. Immediately he engaged everyone in the group including bored teen! The pace of this walking tour would suit everyone (we had elderly tourists) and he told us tidbits of information about things I would never have noticed. We got to all the vantage points first and had the best spots. At one point we were between two mass market large tours who sounded like they were reading from a script. Matt made us feel like we were privy to secrets about the ceremonies and royals (which of course isn't true) but I was really pleased we chose this tour. We liked it so much we're looking to do more! He must've done this tour 100 times but I would never have known it - his enthusiasm was infectious. He's one of the best guides I've had and I travel a lot.
“Secret London , just the ticket”
5 of 5 starsWe were in town for four days and wanted to do something different. I found the tour on-line and it lived up to the billing - fun. This was a Saturday afternoon walk around the lanes and alleys of the West End between Trafalgar Square and the Savoy. The guide Matt Gedge was interesting, informative and a good communicator. He kept the walk lively and fun. Despite being regular visitors to this area we discovered far more on this walk than we could done otherwise. This included several super places to eat and drink that we returned to and enjoyed later. This is a terrific tour and I can well recommend it, we had a really good time.
Fun tours does other walks and we will definitely try some of these on future visits.
“Best part of our trip to London! The Essential Sites and Changing of the Guard Tours are an absolute must-do!”
5 of 5 starsMy husband, his parents, and I did the private Essential Sites tour and the group Changing of the Guard tour with Matt Gedge in August 2014. The tours were, hands down, the best part of our trip to London. Matt was a great tour guide: engaging, funny, intelligent, knowledgeable, and easy going. We took the private tour with him on a Saturday afternoon, when the city was rammed with people. Weren't sure what to expect, but he did an amazing job of walking us through the busy streets while pointing out the sites and giving us great information about the city and its history. The next day, we did the group Changing of the Guards tour, and we had a blast. Matt knew exactly where we needed to be for each part of the ceremony, so we had the best possible views. And he entertained us every step of the way.
My husband and I have taken a lot of tours throughout Europe, and we have been to London many times. Matt is one of the best tour guides we have ever had, and we learned a lot about London and the UK that we didn't know. And we had fun every step of the way.
“Forgotten London tour, fabulous”
Having done the excellent Secret London walking tour last year, my wife and I decided to do another of Matts tours this weekend. Once again a really good trip into Londons past, visiting some well known places as well as discovering facinating bits of londons history you could never find alone. Matt has a great manner in keeping all the group involved and informed. This tour has so much to recommend it, we went from the Black death to William Wallace, Henry V111, Thomas Cromwell and Sherlock Holmes, to mention but a few in just over an hour and half.
Treat yourself to this walk, it is wonderfully informative and entertaining for less than the price of a pub lunch. Brilliant.
“Best Way To Enjoy London's Treats with a Great Guide - Matt”
If you want a great experience then certainly take the tours offered by Matt. We did both the London Changing of the Guards Tour and in the afternoon did the Secret London Tour. Both tours were very enjoyable. Matt is a terrific guy that related well to the group. Perhaps his Changing of the Guards Tour is the most popular. We experienced it from a completely different perspective than waiting at Buckingham Palace among the crowds. That is not to say you don’t have to move quickly to both keep up with the guards as they march towards the Palace, but in order to miss the crowds that will also be walking with you. The Secret London Tour also exposed us to some unusual sites and places and enriched our knowledge of lesser known facts on London. We certainly enjoyed it as have many others before us and since. Matt, thank you for an enjoyable day we will be recommending you to others.
I did the Changing of the Guard tour with Matt and it was fantastic. Matt knew so much about London and the royal happenings. He knew exactly where and when we had to be a particular place so we got front row viewing (i.e. uninterrupted photograph opportunities). We had a small group of only 4 which was essential for maneuvering through the crowds quickly, which is very important if you don't want to miss anything. This was a fantastic tour that I would highly recommend to anyone.
All the other tour groups we came across on the day were very large (up to hundreds) and I can't imagine how they even managed to get around or hear what's going on. At the end of the tour when we saw the changing of the sentries at the royal compound, all the other tour groups left before they even came out and missed the best bit.
Matt is awesome and this is hands down the best tour in London!!
“Fantastic Liar, Liar Tour”
We booked this walking tour for the Women's Institute and we had a fabulous time. We have been on many walking tours around the City of London but this tour was by far the most fun and interactive. We spilt into teams and competed against each other to work out which was fact or fiction. It was the fastest hour and a half and we will definitely be booking another tour with Matt. As a group of Londoners, we learnt lots on the tour too which is a bonus.
“A Fabulous Tour!!”
5 of 5 starsMy wife and I took the “Changing of the Guard Walking Tour” offered by Fun London Tours on May 13th. It was amazing! Matt, our guide, was awesome! He led us through the streets of London and provided very interesting facts and information along the way. The pace was perfect. Not too fast and not too slow. Matt knew exactly where to take us and where to position us to observe all aspects of the changing. We watched the assembly and inspection of the unit being replaced. We then "marched" alongside (within 6’) the soldiers and the unit band as they made their way to Buckingham Palace. Matt then took us to watch the replacement unit going through the same assembly and inspection. After both units arrived at the Palace, Matt took us to see the changing of the sentries changes at the Royal Compound. The tour exceeded our expectations and was the highlight of our visit to London! We will definitely plan on scheduling a “Fun London Tour” the next time we’re in London!
“Liar Liar - the best tour, no lie”
5 of 5 starsWe are a family with two kids (12 and 10) and we enjoyed Liar Liar so much, we ended up doing two more outings with Fun London Tours. The sites were interesting and varied, and the pick-the-wrong-fact format kept everyone on their toes. But our favourite thing about all the tours (we also did Changing the Guard and Secret London) was our guide Matt. For one thing, he is super-organised. He responded to emails promptly, and was there early to meet us each time. His tours are well-paced, and he has a great knowledge-base. Even more importantly, you can actually hear what he says because he doesn't take large groups. He also has a very easy-going, relaxed way about him, so that it feels like you are sightseeing with a friend, rather than a tour guide. Our kids adored him. We highly recommend doing one of his tours (but especially Liar Liar).
“Go with Matt !!!!”
5 of 5 starsDiese Tour ( zu Fuss ) ist absolut empfehlenswert . Wenn Sie ohne Erfahrung zum ' Change Of Guards ' gehen , verschwenden Sie viel Zeit , um dann wahrscheinlich doch im Gedränge zu stehen , und doch nur wenig zu sehen. Deshalb kann ich nur empfehlen an dieser Tour teilzunehmen . Ihr Guide Matt ist sehr begabt und leidenschaftlich . Man spürt dass seinen Job liebt , und er reisst die Leute in seiner Gruppe mit . Er wird Sie während knapp 2 Stunden (von 10:10 bis 12:00) genau dorthin führen wo was los ist ( Perfect timing ). Das ganze kostet nur 12 Pfund pro Nase .
Tip: Die Tour wird von ' changing-the-guard.com ' empfohlen ; gehen Sie auf diese Internet-Seite, dort finden Sie einen Code mit dem Sie 3 Pfund Discount bekommen.
“Best Way to Enjoy Changing of the Guard”
5 of 5 starsAfter many (many) years of not managing to see (avoiding?) the Changing of the Guard, some friends recommended Fun London Tours as the way to Do It Right. And oh boy does Matt Gedge Do It Rght!
Expert timing to see all the different parts of the ceremony, full of great information, and very fun indeed. Highly recommended for visitors, Londoners (especially reluctant ones) and families. An absolutely delightful and unforgettable experience.
“FLT is who to trust to see the real Changing of the Guards”
5 of 5 starsIf you are interested in seeing the Changing of the Guards, don't leave it to chance. There's too much to know that should be left to a professional. Matt and FLT knows where to go, where to stand, where to be to witness the best of the experience and what I didn't know is there is a lot of activities going on in a lot of different places that you'll miss if your not at the right place at the right time. You can see it all and have a great experience with a very energetic and informative guide. Enjoy London, but if you want to see the complete changing of the guards, go with FLT.
“Well worth it!”
Originally I didn't see the point of doing a "tour" to see the changing of the Guard - after all I could just hang around outside Buckingham Palace and see it right? Wrong. This tour shows you so much more! Matt is a fantastic guide, and we got up so close! I learned a lot about the different guards and what was happening, as well as a bit about British History on the way to the palaces. A highlight for me was marching with the guard band. Loads of fun, and definitely things I would have missed out on had I not been on the tour. We went to places other tourists miss out on, and instead of jostling among the crowds to catch a glimpse in the distance we were right up with the action. Matt as a guide is personable, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend the Fun London Tours Changing of the Guard tour, and would anticipate any other tours they run would be equally as worthwhile
“Changing of the Guard Tour”
Our family had a wonderful experience with the Fun London Tours team, getting a behind the scenes look at the changing of the guards at Buckinham Palace. We side stepped the thousands of people standing in front of the palace to get an insiders view of the historic ceremony. Ot was the highlight of our trip and if you're going to lLondon, you owe it to yourself to contact funlondontours.com.
“Lively, Energetic and FUN”
5 of 5 stars The tour leader - Matt Gedge - is a young-ish and very experienced man who comes off like the friend of your best friend from college who knows all there is & wants to hook you up. He is, as advertised, very friendly and fun. I would be happy to have this guy give me a tour of the whole city. Be worth asking about.
On this tour you will see the guards gathering & marching out of their official barracks in St. James's palace. They will march right in front of you with no big crowds. Your kids (if they have long enough legs) can march (on the sidewalk) right along with them. You will also see the guards band leaving their barracks & you can do the same with them. We even had the horse guards up close going over to do their own guard change. You WILL NOT see the actual ceremony in front of B Palace except from afar . . . but that's cool since the crowds there are HUGE and UNMANAGEABLE and what happens there is that the guards stand at attention looking at each other for 1/2 hour (no kidding) while the captains verbally exchange duties and news. For my money it is well worth it to avoid the crowd, have to stand still for ages in a crush with my 70 pound daughter on my shoulders & still not "see anything" while my wife gives me dagger-eyes for dragging her along so she can freeze/roast and wish for coffee.
Great photos.
NOTE: Wear walking/running shoes. Once the guards start marching you need to be ready to move. this tour is not for older folks who can't get it in gear - not a judgement on older people. A warning.
“Totally Awesome Experience!”
5 of 5 stars Last year I went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard but due to seriously bad weather it was postponed. So this year when checking up on dates I came across this tour - Boy am I glad that I did.
Me and my friend arrived (at around 10am ready for the 10:10am start) not really knowing what to expect but still excited - Matt (our guide) was fantastic with truly infectious enthusiasm. This tour showed us every part of the changing of the guard, not just the small bit that everyone thinks it is in front of Buckingham Palace. We saw so many different part of the whole ceremony over the two hours of the tour.
The most exciting part had to be marching down the Mall alongside the guards!! Proud wasn't the word. Be prepared for a fast pace as the guys don't mess about - then we got to march behind the band - amazing, totally amazing!!!
This tour is a definite must for anyone visiting London. A great insight that most people miss. Thank you Matt for a fab start to our day.
“Be prepared to march along with the Band!”
I'd heard so much about Matt's Changing of the Guard tour that I had to experience it myself. Talk about an immersive experience. Matt warned us that we would be marching along with the soldiers and we did! He barked orders at us so that we moved around and probably saw more of the proceedings than any of the many thousands of other visitors. All his meticulously planned vantage points provided excellent photo opportunities and his commentary was excellent. Great fun. Not to be missed!
“A must do!”
5 of 5 starsMatt was an incredible tour guide that offered a great way to see the changing of the guard that is a must do in London. He offers a tour that allows you to see the ceremony with great views that most people do not get to see. The tour is filled with interesting facts and stories that are sure to leave you with more knowledge than you came in with. It is about a 2 hour tour which is the perfect amount of time that still gives you most of your day to see other sights.
“Best guided tour of our London visit”
5 of 5 stars I'm so glad I came across his website for the Change of Guard tour. I did this tour (in a small group of 5) on the 31st of March. Sunday in the freezing weather and huge crowd. It was great we had a small group of just 5 so it was much easier to bond and learn.
Matt is very knowledgeable and entertaining at the same time. He brought us to St Jame's Palace, showed us the old guard, the new guard, the marching, the change etc. Basically you see everything you want to see without having to wait hours and squeeze with the uninformed tourists outside Buckingham palace. Matt was great in picking out great viewing spots to get our photos and videos. The highlight was the end of the tour where he sneaked us right behind the guards for a "box office view".
We did various tours and walks in our time spent in London and Matt's tour was without a doubt, our favourite. Initially, I couldn't book the tickets online due to a server problem but he ensured we will get the tickets on the day itself and we're grateful for that. I definitely recommend the change of guard tour to anyone who wants to witness it the right way. I've not tried any of his other walks/tours but I can safely assume they will be just as great.
All the best Matt!
“Great Changing of the Guard Tour”
5 of 5 stars We took a fantastic Changing of the Guard Tour with Matt. There were 7 people (3 generations) in our family/tour, ranging from 5 years old to 70+ years old. Matt tailored the tour to accommodate our need to go a bit slower. The tour was amazing and despite our limitations, Matt got us to the perfect spots to see the changing of the guards at several places. The children loved marching next to the guards, and we were able to capture some wonderful pictures and memories to last a lifetime. We highly recommend the tour with Matt.
“Changing of the guard- Wonderful tour!”
Don’t miss this tour. Matt does a fantastic job of showing you all parts of the event. He keeps it exciting and shares various tidbits on history throughout the walk. Matt has great knowledge and communicates in a fun, entertaining way. Our 14 and 22 year old loved it too. Sean and Mary - USA
“Changing the Guard Tour”
4 of 5 starsIt was freezing cold and snowing on 4 April but Matt's tour was so brilliant it did not matter. He was very knowledgeable and entertaining, we saw so much more than just the changing of the Guard. we even marched with the band! The tour was one of our favorite parts of our trip. This is definitely the best way to experience the changing of the guard. Well done Matt
“Great Way to See Changing of the Guards”
5 of 5 stars Matt's tour was fantastic way to see and learn the history of the changing of the guard. He was highly entertaining and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone wishing to learn the history behind the changing. The only caveat is that you will walk, and you will walk quickly, so you should stay away if you have mobility issues.
“Must Do In London”
5 of 5 starsMy husband and I watched the Changing of the Guard and booked a tour with Matt. It is totally worth it to book a tour since you get great vantage points away from the hoards of people, and the ceremony is explained to you so you understand the symbolism of who is doing what, and what everything means. Matt was THE BEST tour guide, so I highly recommend booking with him. He was energetic, planned every moment so we could see everything from start to finish, while providing interesting and hysterical historical and factual details about what was happening. There were children with our group, and Matt's commentary really engaged them, but his tour is great for any age. I highly recommend this, it was a highlight of our London trip!
“Changing of the Guard”
My friends and I from school went on the tour with Matt and loved every minute of it! Matt was a fantastic guide who was very knowledgeable about the city and history. He was also funny and enthusiastic which made the tour even more fun. The tour was one of our favorite parts of our trip. This is definitely the best way to experience the changing of the guard since it is difficult to navigate. We would highly recommend this tour and hope to go on other tours by Matt at future visits!
“Dont miss this tour!”
5 of 5 stars Matt was fantastic! Lots of energy and worked well with the kids. Fast paced tour that showed us the cool way to view the changing of the guard. We were lucky enough to catch a horse parade, too! Matt has great knowledge of the city and had great advice on what to see. Highlight of our trip!