Fun London Tour Guides



“You know you’re with the right tour guide when other tour guides are asking him what is going on.”

Hi, I’m Matt,

an accredited City of London & City of Westminster Tour Guide Lecturer, with an insatiable appetite and energy for all things to do with London.

I qualified as an associate of the Institute of Tourist Guiding, am a member of the City of London Guiding Association and have completed the Diploma of Special Study in Tour Guiding at Westminster University.

I have spent a long time researching and developing the walks advertised on these pages, and hope my enthusiasm for them rubs off on you!

Outside of this, I attend as many games at Arsenal FC as possible, play squash and bar sports (!), enjoy a real ale, have written and directed a short film, cook a mean casserole and of course love Game of Thrones…


jess tour guid

“Guide Jess is a legend!  Very knowledgeable, passionate and witty.”

Hello!  I’m Jess. 

I was born in London and have lived here for half my life.  I love this city and the more I learn, the more I explore it, the more I adore it.

Having earned my tour guiding chops on the open-top buses, I’ve shown thousands of people London in all its weathers and moods, as well as witnessing many wonderful things happening right in front of us. 

I have also lead hundreds of walking tours – for crowds of up to a hundred people!  Of course, at Fun London Tours, we have no more than 25 on each walk – almost cosy in comparison! Aside from all this, I am a writer and occasional film maker who regularly steps on stage in London’s live storytelling scene. 

I’m lucky to have lived in China and travelled far on this incredible planet, while at home I love music, cider and the TV series Game Of Thrones.


danielle tour guide

Danielle is a born and bred Londoner. She began tour guiding when she moved to Eastern Europe’s Georgia, where she started to take tourists around the Caucasus mountains in JEEPS. Falling in love with the profession, she quickly put her new skills into practice in London, becoming Tour Guide of the Year 2016 with the open top sight-seeing company.

She has a unique ability to navigate customers through London with precision, while enlightening guests with historical information in an amusing way. Combined with her friendly, at ease manner, Danielle is a wonderful ambassador for London and British history and culture.


amber tour guide

“Amber will turn a tour into an adventure just by showing up.”

Don’t let the accent fool you, Amber knows her stuff! Originally born in Texas, she has lived in London since 2001 and is quite passionate about British history! A former flight attendant and marketing consultant, she started her guiding career while studying for her MBA in International Marketing on a double decker bus.

Amber holds qualifications as an official badge guide for the City of London, Westminster and Camden. She studied at Southwark Cathedral and is a volunteer guide at the Guildhall Art Gallery.

She regularly guides at Down Street, a disused underground station and WWII bunker as part of the Hidden London project. She also is a qualified guide at St Paul’s Cathedral. With all that under her belt, you can find her all around London, often in costume, as she strives to bring history to life for visitors from all over the world! Her dynamic presentation style and effervescent personality makes for an engaging tour.


gavin tour guide

Hello I’m Gavin.

A fifth generation Londoner whose family, for generations, have lived amongst the factories, warehouses and docks of the legendary East End of London. As a child, my family described London’s past vividly to me through their eyes and lives.

I love London and it is this love of London that I want to share with you. I want to share intimate stories passed down to me. Some which are moving and an awful lot which are just downright funny! I look forward to meeting you and having fun, whilst sharing my city.


sinead tour guide

Sinead is originally from Ireland but has lived in New York, Boston and Tenerife but now calls London home. She has a degree in Sociology and Psychology and over fifteen years guiding experience.

Her passion is for the Eccentric side of London and the Secret life and hidden treasures London affords people every day. Her tours are an eclectic mix of Royal, Victorian, Art, Nightlife, and the chilling dark historic side of London.

In her own words she considers herself an ambassador albeit a wild one to one of the greatest cities in the world.

“Let me show you my London. It’s fun!”


angus tour guide

My name is Angus, and I’m a half breed. My mother is Australian, descended from English convicts 200 years ago, and my father was of those Scots telling everyone how wonderful Scotland was, and living somewhere else.

I originally trained as a stage actor, moved to London, and instantly got a job on the West End, pulling beers. I retrained as a director, moved back to London, and started tour guiding almost by accident. My passion has always been stories and history, and I feel immensely privileged to be able to do this as my full time job.

As a tour guide I’ve worked in Melbourne, Sydney, London, and Oxford – outside of guiding I still attend the theatre as often as possible, hike as many mountains as I can, and am working on some short films about democracy.


Tour Guide Tom

I consider myself one of life’s mavens and have tried to cultivate a somewhat exhausting interest in everything interesting. My background in illustration, design and bookbinding lends itself well to tour guiding, helping me to find illumination in the small details of our city and vivid colour in the stories it has to tell.

The scope and scale of London, modern and old, fuels my energetic enthusiasm for the various subjects I cover as a guide, helped somewhat by my love of long distance swimming. As a born and bred Londoner it’s a real pleasure to meet those who are visiting and show them just how marvellous this city can be.


Tour Guide Gareth

Becoming a tour guide was almost accidental – after stints as a construction manager, civil servant, bar manager, DJ, wine merchant, shop manager, comedian and magician, in 2013 I fancied a change. I had always enjoyed history, and I loved exploring London – being a tour guide seemed a good fit.

After a few seasons on the open top buses around London I started to diversify – when I’m not leading tours around the country (Stonehenge is quickly becoming my second home) you’ll find me guiding a walking tour around London.

In my free time I love travel, theatre and going to comedy gigs. I love music, and sometimes co-host a music show on a community radio station. I also used to have a regular slot on BBC London performing magic on the radio. If you’re wondering how magic works on the radio, the answer is “surprisingly well”.

Above all else I enjoy exploring London, this magnificent city that’s been my home for the last twenty years.


Tour Guide Rozie
Hello, I’m Rozie!  I studied tourism which inspired me to leave my home in Somerset and travel the world – I am now up to 81 countries across all 7 continents and have no plans to slow down anytime soon. Before becoming a tour guide I would do almost any job that would take me somewhere new – I have worked as a tractor driver, a piranha keeper and I even ran away with a circus! I fell into tour guiding when I realised someone was willing to pay me to travel and spent a year leading tours across Europe before settling in London where I have now been guiding for 7 years by foot, bus and boat.  I spend my days off amongst London’s amazing museums and attractions, attending a show at one of our many theatres or daydreaming about where in the world I want to visit next.  Wherever I go, London is my home and I am love sharing it with our visitors.