Changing the Guard Walking Tour

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When & where

Times vary, check calendar.

Meet outside the Criterion Theatre by the statue of Eros at Piccadilly Circus tube station. 

From early June to July 31st the ceremony is daily. The rest of the year it occurs four times a week.



Tour finishes near Buckingham Palace at around 11.15am. 

How Much

Tickets are from £18*. 

* Small booking fee is added.


This is the London walking tour which will ensure you are in the best position possible to see the extraordinary Changing the Guard ceremony while avoiding the crowds at the gates of Buckingham Palace. Rather than standing still for hours, we see various stages of the ceremony, including the inspection, Old Guard, New Guard, Palaces, and even march alongside the Guards and Ceremonial Bands!

Our tour guides have the experience, knowledge and humour to make sure you leave with an enviable set of pictures, an insight into what is going on, an anecdote or two, and most importantly, a memory which will last forever.

We are endorsed by and so have the backing of the most knowledgeable people out there.
Sadly, a great number of people go to see this world famous ceremony and leave disappointed. They stand at the gates of Buckingham Palace and wait uncomfortably for the action to happen, but are unaware that they have missed the majority of the pomp, ceremony, music and marching that takes place elsewhere. And that is why a Fun London Guide is invaluable in getting you around.

If you like a fast paced tour, with plenty of action, excitement and fun, come on this walk. In order to stay ahead of the crowds we do have to move quickly at times – at one point we will even be marching alongside the band! We will also encounter at least one flight of steps so unfortunately it is the only one of our tours which is not suitable for people with walking difficulties. 

Please note we will not stand near the gates of Buckingham Palace on this tour so you will not see the part of the ceremony which is on the courtyard. It is unfortunately impractical to take a group there and wait for two or more hours packed in like sardines in a can, but we can guarantee the tour will be a far more enjoyable and informative experience! For our own experience of ‘how not to see the changing the guard’ – standing at the gates of Buckingham Palace – you may wish to read this short article.


  • Witness a ceremony whose history and splendour is beyond compare
  • Have an acclaimed tour guide to lead you around
  • Stand within 6 feet of the Guards
  • March alongside the Band!
  • Have a group size anything from 1-25 but no more. Preferable to the excessively large groups of other tour companies!

Note: Please bring comfortable shoes and a bottle of water with you. The tour can be quite fast paced at times. It is also very crowded near Buckingham Palace, particularly in summer months.

This tour is super popular, and as we limit the number of people per group to 25, it can often sell out days or weeks in advance, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Disclaimer: The British Army can alter the date of the Guard Change Ceremony, and can change or cancel it at their discretion. No matter how bad the weather, the walk will still go ahead, as the final notification of ceremony cancellation will not be made by the British Army and police until after 10.30am. Although unlikely, the ceremony has been known to proceed in the rain before! If the ceremony is cancelled, you will see the Wet Change (guards marching without music).

Available dates are in highlighted, Unavailable dates are greyed out