Forgotten Statues & Monuments of London


Great off the beaten track walk where you avoid the crowds and see London in a different light!


Tour starts outside at Piccadilly Circus by the Criterion Theatre (near the statue of Eros)

How Much

Adults £15

Never in recent history has the debate about statues and monuments been more in the public eye. Countless figures from England’s past have been under sharp scrutiny as we assess the true impact of their life, and the legacy which they left. Figures like Edward Colston in Bristol have been thrown into the water, while the residents of Poole have fought over the right to celebrate Robert Baden Powell. In the US, figures as lauded as Washington and Grant have been targeted in a much needed debate brought forward by Black Lives Matter. 

Given this background, it feels like the right time to shed light on some of the statues and monuments of London. Many have been forgotten; even former Mayor Ken Livingstone suggested that some no longer felt relevant to London in the 21st century. Some monuments have been lost, torn down, attacked, or simply retired, and in this tour you will hear about how the Great Statue Debate is not just a modern phenomenon.

We’ll head around central London to observe history which is very much alive, and discuss how our past and future can guide our present. 


  • Discover which King’s statue was routinely lampooned and graffitied by the public 
  • What happened to the monuments during WW2? 
  • Look for the figures mutilated because they were deemed too sexualised
  • Go searching for the real life Dracula
  • Find the grand monument to one of our famous nurses
  • See old photos of statues in places you’d never imagine! 

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