London's Conspiracy Tour


Operates on selected weekdays from April 2019.

Please note this tour has some of the same stops as Secrets of the Square Mile.


Tour starts outside Tower Hill Station. Finishes at the Guildhall, between Bank and St Paul’s Cathedral

How Much

Adults £15, U18s/students £12 (plus small booking fee)

On this extraordinary walking tour we reveal the most amazing conspiracies which have gripped the nation, from tales of royal murder to divine intervention, invisible evil and world wide cover ups.

As we journey from palace to amphitheatre via the old alleyways and institutions of yore we will look to discover evidence of the greatest cover ups, the most outrageous accusations and their quite deadly consequences.

Who was the bogeyman haunting the nightmares of children? What occult symbology is used throughout the Square Mile? Which church lies at the centre of a pyschogeographic highway? And who really started the Great Fire of London?

Not a stone will be left unturned as we search for ley lines and blood sacrifice, and scour the streets for evidence of paganism, murder and secret history…


  • Discover the gates of Ghastly Grim
  • Find a whole range of occult symbolism
  • Stand on one of London’s bloodiest execution grounds
  • Feel the brooding power of ‘the Devil’s architect’
  • Discover the enigmatic London Stone

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