Smithfield - Martyrs, Murderers & Merrymaking


Operates on selected weekdays at 1pm. 


Tour starts outside Barbican underground station

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If you’ve got a strong stomach, and want to hear about arguably the bloodiest part of London in one hard core history smash, then this is the tour for you! 

Smithfield has been known for its livestock market for centuries, but is also associated with some of the most extreme examples of state brutality, to the execution of William Wallace, to religious opponents of Bloody Mary and the slaying of the leader of the Peasants’ Revolt. 

Just around the corner is Charterhouse, a gorgeous leafy retreat for the retired in the heart of London, but with a dark history at its core…

So for arguably the most morbidly fascinating tour on our roster, this is well worth your while, but perhaps have a light lunch…


  • Discover the location of one of London’s most important Black Death burial grounds
  • Find the memorial to Braveheart
  • See First World War bomb damage
  • Hear about the bloody history of one of London’s greatest churches
  • Visit one of the most gorgeous and historical streets in London

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