St Paul's - Saints, Sinners & Celebrities


Selected afternoons at 1pm from April 2020. 


Meet by the statue of Queen Anne at the front of St Paul’s Cathedral

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In the shadow of the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral we go looking for the more unusual history which won’t be found in your London guide book. 

On the way we will take in a gateway which was once adorned with the heads of traitors but centuries later held parties frequented by the rich and famous, see the remains of a church which has a heartwarming story of animal bravery, and find the pub loved by an eccentric actor.

Talking of actors, we will visit the former haunt of our greatest playwright and hear about the bloody sports which he was familiar with, and finish with a visit to one of the atmospheric courtyards in London, once associated with some rather dubious medical practices. 

A fascinating dive into London’s past and present! 


  • Be bowled over by the amazing and surprising history of St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Discover one of London’s medieval gateways
  • Stand on the site of Shakespeare’s former lodgings
  • Find two pubs with the craziest history

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