Trafalgar Square 2 - Pigeons, Party Princes and Peculiarities


Operates on selected weekdays at 1pm


Tour starts by the equestrian statue of Charles I on the roundabout just below Trafalgar Square. 

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On the second part of our journey through London’s most famous square you will hear some more incredible stories forgotten over time.

Why is one of the statues a world record breaker, and so often photographed by some tourists but largely unknown by the British? Which of the figures here has a nursery rhyme all of his own and who has a ceremony of remembrance even to this day?

For those of us who grew up with the metric system prepare to be confused as we go searching for London’s official imperial measurements, curiously forgotten about unnoticed nearby, while we will also hear of a more gruesome and grisly past which will make you consider your own mortality…

A really fascinating and surprising journey into Trafalgar Square’s forgotten history, and all revealed in an action packed lunchtime tour!


  • Discover the long forgotten imperial measurements of London
  • Hear about the contrasting stories of the Three Kings of Trafalgar Square
  • Find out the more grisly side of the area
  • Become an expert on our relationship to pigeons…

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