Trafalgar Square - Secrets, Scams & Superstition


Operates on selected weekdays at 1pm


Tour starts by the equestrian statue of Charles I on the roundabout just below Trafalgar Square. 

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On this short, action packed journey through the history of Trafalgar Square we will hear about some of the more unusual features of this world famous site.

Today we may just wander through here on our lunchbreak, not paying attention to the statues, design features and buildings around us. 

But did you know that the Titanic Ticket Office was once here? Or that the square used to be home to the smallest police station in the world? Or that the design for Nelson’s column was much derided by contemporary commentators? 

We will hear about lost plans, madcap ideas, crazy laws and even crazier kings, and even find the location of the nose of one of our greatest leaders! 

So for a fast and furious take on London’s most public and interesting square, join us on our lunchtime tour! 


  • Discover the location of the smallest police station in the world
  • Hear the story about why a US President is in the Square
  • Go looking for the HQ of the infamous Titanic
  • Learn about the forgotten history of our world famous column
  • Discover the Duke of Wellington’s Nose!

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