how not to see the changing the guard ceremony

Watching the Changing the Guard ceremony at the Buckingham Palace Gates

5 years ago I watched the changing guard ceremony at the gates of Buckingham Palace. I vowed never to return...

Five years ago almost to the day I ventured up to the gates of Buckingham Palace equipped with a camera, headphones and collapsable chair and witnessed the changing guard ceremony in the way that the majority of tourists see it. 

Watching it in this manner was so bad that I vowed I would never do it again. Crushed, squished, cold, bored and frustrated I told everyone who would listen that they would be much better off coming on my walking tour than seeing it in this manner.

So when my friend and fellow tour guide Angus suggested making a video of what it’s like to stand at the gates to see the ceremony I initially thought ‘no way!’ But Angus being a convincing fellow, he persuaded me, and sure enough once again I ventured out to go through the pain so that all of you reading and watching this don’t have to…

This is our story! 

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